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The Minimalist Assault Chestrig (MAC) is based on the same design principles as the Underground Partisan Chestrig, but with the added capability to carry 4x double-stack pistol magazines. This rig is as minimalist as it gets, while still being able to carry a comprehensive rifle and handgun load-out. The elastic pouches allow versatility to carry a host of other items you might deem important for your mission.


  • 4x elastic 5.56x45mm rifle magazine pouches and 4x double-stack pistol magazine pouches sized for optimum retention and longevity
    • 7.62x39mm AK magazines will also fit, but please note that premature wear may occur due to the locking tabs
  • A hook panel backing allows the rig to be fitted to a loop velcro equipped plate carrier
    • A loop cover panel is provided when using the chest rig by itself
    • We offer an Elastic Tourniquet Holder (not included) that can be attached to the hook backing
  • Vertical webbing loops allows slotted buckles (included) to be installed to hook into plate carriers with integrated female swift clip buckles
  • Side webbing loops can be fitted with removable slotted female buckles (included) to connect to our H-Harness OR a plate carrier fitted with side attachment buckles
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  • 5

    Posted by Dave on Nov 8th 2022

    Simplicity at its finest.

  • 5
    Mo' bullets is mo' better

    Posted by John Q Pew Pew on Jun 25th 2021

    I selected this chest rig because it packed the most capacity into a micro rig. Quality is all there. Mag retention and re insertion is good. I found it very comfortable training for 4 hours on a hot day. Well done Gadsden Dynamics!

  • 4
    MAC Rig

    Posted by Phillip on Apr 29th 2021

    Shipping took longer than advertised; was advertised as having a lead time of 1-3 business days, but I ordered mine April 10th and got it on the 20th. The rig itself is slightly front-heavy and requires you to tighten as many straps as you can; this also makes it difficult to conceal under a jacket. The sides of the pouches also tear -- albeit not severely, at first -- with even light use (another customer previously complained about this). For anyone at Gadsden Dynamics reading this: consider reinforcing the sides of the pouches and making the H-harness have adjustable straps. This thing does its job as a chest rig, however, there is room for improvement.

  • 5
    Minimalist assault rig

    Posted by Sam on Feb 6th 2021

    I am very impressed with the quality. Two things id change would be a velcro system on half of the rig for a misc. Items pouch. Or some other way to attach a pouch for a phone and night vision caps or something. Also from the manufacturer they should come with the straps ran differently. I felt like one of the buckles wasnt doing anything and re ran the straps so they work more efficiently. My phone wont quite fit in the elastic mag pouches. They fit a radio and a few medical supplies well. Gen 3 pmags have a small tab on the rear of the mag that inhibits magazine draw a bit, but you do want mags to stay in place when moving. Ill mostly use this for hunting and some training.

  • 5

    Posted by William Sirine on Jan 26th 2021

    It is one of the best chest rigs I have ever owned, and I have many types before this one. Good for range training and Low Visibility type ops.

  • 5
    Superior craftsmanship

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 4th 2020

    Extremely well made, very low profile. Fits under a hoodie well. Perfect for the high speed low drag operations in today's rapidly evolving environment.

  • 5
    Definitely recommended

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 4th 2020

    I've been looking for a minimalist rig for a bit but nothing really fit my fancy until my friend showed me the assault rig. I immediately bought it and paired it up to my haley strategic flatpack. I now have a pretty sick lightweight loadout which of course looks cool.

  • 5
    Chest rig

    Posted by Travis F. on Dec 4th 2020

    Once again this company does it right the first time, very sleek and easy to conceal holds multiple Mags as well as other items I’m the mag pouches if u need to adjust ur load. Best gear on the market for the price today!! Thanks Andy and Gadsden dynamics for making tough, reliable gear!!

  • 5
    excellent quality

    Posted by james t. on Dec 4th 2020

    I really like this gear. I own a firearms retail establishment and see a lot of gear go through the establishment. This is by far, a great product. If you chose to purchase this, my guess is it is all you will need for this application.