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Minimalist Assault Placard

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The Minimalist Assault Placard is a 3x rifle, 3x pistol mag placard modeled after the Minimalist Assault Chest Rig designed to be buckled into any swift clip compatible plate carrier. 


  • 3x elastic 5.56x45mm rifle magazine pouches and 3x double-stack pistol magazine pouches sized for optimum retention and longevity
    • 7.62x39mm AK magazines will also fit, but please note that premature wear may occur due to the locking tabs
  • A hook panel backing allows the rig to be fitted to a loop velcro equipped plate carrier
    • A loop cover panel is provided when using the chest rig by itself
    • We offer an Elastic Tourniquet Holder (not included) that can be attached to the hook backing
  • Vertical webbing loops allows slotted buckles (included) to be installed to hook into plate carriers with integrated female swift clip buckles
  • Side webbing loops can be fitted with removable slotted female buckles (NOT included) to connect to our H-Harness OR a plate carrier fitted with side attachment buckles
  • H-Harness is NOTincluded with this product