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War Belt

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We specifically designed this product for the prepared civilian aspiring to have an ultra-lightweight, low profile war belt without compromising durability and providing maximum security of his/her loadout against the body. Our War Belt uses a special grip-material lining that holds your gear close to the body with no shifting or rotating. Four looplocs are added around the perimeter for securing a harness. Ours is a thinner battle belt than others, which aids in reducing all the bulk of around the waist. A thick but smooth webbing material runs through the entire belt which then connects to the buckles providing maximum strength. Mobility is of key importance to any operator and this is an ideal choice for all – civilian and military.


Below are the end-to-end dimensions of the body of the belt if it is laid flat:

Small: 29"
Medium: 33"
Large: 37"
X-Large: 41"

Suspender Attachments

  • If you select to have suspender attachments added, we will sew in 4x 1" plastic rectangle loops that can be used to attach 1" suspenders to. We do not sell suspenders currently, so you will have to source those yourself.

Holster Attachments

There are two holster attachment methods we would recommend for our belts:

Safariland MLS16

GCode RTI Battle Belt MOLLE Adapter


If you are looking for a high quality holster for use with our belts, look no further than ANRDesign LLC Kydex Holsters. They have holsters for just about any firearm and firearm w/WML you can imagine, and they offer BOTH Safariland QLS and GCode RTI attachments. 


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  • 5
    It's nice to have nice things this nice!

    Posted by Douglas C. on Dec 4th 2020

    Awesome rig. Love the sticky liner, its perfect. Exceeded my desire for what I want in a war belt. Very well made, obvious once I got it in my paws, and mounted up my kit, and how much quality components and craftsmanship is in this belt. Appreciated the low mass and bulk of the belt also. And for a very reasonable cost too. This belt rocks.

  • 5
    Top notch!

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 4th 2020

    Fast service! Belt is very nice. I like the slimline nature and the inside grips very well.

  • 5
    Great belt

    Posted by Christopher Love on Dec 4th 2020

    This is the second belt I have bought from Gadsden Dynamics. The first belt I ordered the wrong size but was still very well built. The second belt is the right size and fits perfect. I have tried it with some dry firing and reloading drills. There is no slippage when drawing my pistol or removing magazines from pouches. I can't wait to put it through some training drills on the range with the team. I have since ordered the Underground partisan chest rig and am looking forward to giving it a try.

  • 5

    Posted by Cara C. on Dec 4th 2020

    I had the multi-cam sent to me a few years ago and had to get the black! I can’t stop raving about it, especially to my lady friends. Lightweight, holds EVERYTHING well, clings just right to the hips and is made very quality! 10/10

  • 5

    Posted by Mike M. on Dec 4th 2020

    The belt is top notch and the service was fantastic. Would buy again and I have!

  • 5
    High Quality and Reasonably Priced

    Posted by Andrew S. on Dec 4th 2020

    Fantastic warbelt. In a world where manufactures charge entirely too much l, gadsden delivers a quality product at a more than reasonable price. Keep up the great work and i look forward to purchasing more from you in the future!

  • 5
    Great belt!!

    Posted by William G. on Dec 4th 2020

    Can't say enough how much I love it! Great quality and made in USA can't beat it! Perfect size as well.

  • 5
    Ladies Best Friend

    Posted by Cara on Dec 4th 2020

    Load-out includes mag pouch, mag retention pouch, IFAK and radio. I'm 5'4'' and 110. The belt is so lightweight and thin for it's strength it's impressive. I admit I was worried about the lining being torn with my training but again impressed by the lightweight durability. I also used the Nexus plastic buckle because of their history of reliability. I'm very confident the stitching will prove reliable as well. I'm a small lady and minimalist, it's difficult to find gear that I don't have to adapt to or adjust. I will be recommending this product to friends and others. The shipping was fast, the price is amazing, Gadsden Dynamics is definitely getting listed in gear favorites.

  • 5
    Replacement for standard issue equipment

    Posted by Phillip Archer on Dec 4th 2020

    I am an active duty service member. I have to say that I love the War Belt. My time on ranges is usually spent as a trainer/coach. I took the essential equipment that I needed and placed it on the belt. it allows me access to the tools that I need without wearing a standard issue fighting load carrier. The material on the inside portion of the belt allowed me to move without it moving. I was able to move up and down the line coaching and demonstrating with no complications and less bulk. I look forward to using more of their products in the future.