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TDI Ladyfinger

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Blade Length:
1.875 inches
Knife Material:
AUS 8A Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Country of Original:

The TDI Ladyfinger is a very compact, lightweight knife designed for covert carry but also works very well as a multi-purpose outdoors knife! The slim design makes it very ergonomic in the hand, and offers just enough blade length to be perfect for skinning small and even larger game but is also small enough to easily conceal if the need arises.

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The Ka-Bar TDI knif product line was designed by John Benner, a 33-year veteran police Lieutenant. We have had the pleasure of training several times with John at the Tactical Defense Instititute where he is President and Chief Instructor. He is the legendary originator of many principles in self defense and law enforcement tactics from which he has gained extensive experience and knowledge in knife fighting and design considerations. If you are interested in top level tactical training, look no further than: