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Double-Stack Pistol Mag Pouch

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There are a plethora of mag pouches available on the market today. Generally, each has its own pros and cons and is tailored toward a specific application. As usual, we wanted to think outside the box and provide a product that has maximum versatility and performs above and beyond the current market offering. Welcome to the Gadsden Dynamics MagPouch product line. 

The Gadsden Dynamics Double-Stack Pistol Mag Pouch offers several design features that make it stand out against its competitors. 

  • Durable 4" mil-spec elastic construction, size optimized for retention and mag-reindexing
  • Compatible with:
    • MOLLE attachment system (war belts, plate carriers, MOLLE chest rig panels etc.)
    • Standard/EDC belt
    • Duty Belts up to 2" wide
      • On the inside of the feed panel for the MagPouch is a loop panel that will interface with your inner/outer duty belt, securing it in place so that no shifting occurs
  • Stiffened backing that provides rigidity when empty and a stable backing for when re-indexing magazines
  • Top corners are beveled for comfort so that they don't dig into your hips when worn on a belt
  • Fits most double-stack pistol mags