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AR15 MagRack

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Have you ever had to dig through a bunch of storage bins in your closet searching for more magazines? We can relate which is why we designed this simple solution for storing magazines. 

The Gadsden Dynamics MagRack holds 12x AR15 style rifle magazines. Most double-stack pistol magazines can also be doubled up in a single rifle mag slot, making this a very versatile way to keep both rifle and pistol mags quickly accessible in one place! The most popular brand AR mags will fit in this rack, such as: Magpul, Lancer, HexMag, Troy Industries, and any steel or aluminum magazine like AR Stoner and Colt magazines. AK mags will not fit. 

There are 4x mounting holes spaced 16" apart for mounting to standard spaced studs.

The MagRack is made with American steel and is manufactured right here in Northeast Ohio. When you purchase this product you not only receive a high quality, extremely durable product, you also get the satisfaction of supporting American industry!